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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ravens Draft Picks. (Answer of Big Al's Comment)

   Last year the Baltimore Ravens won Superbowl XLVII against the San Francisco 49ers. It was an overall great win by the Ravens. Earlier this year there was the 2013 NFL Draft. The Ravens picked up Matt Elam from the Florida Gators. This first-round pick was a no brainier because they needed someone young to take up Ed Reed's spot as Safety. I feel like this was a good pick for them.
   2nd Round draft pick for the Ravens was inside linebacker Arthur Brown. Arthur has high expectations for himself as he is taking over the famous Ray Lewis's spot.
   3rd round draft pick was Brandon Williams, a Defensive tackle from Missouri Southern State. Brandon is a big guy, and can break through blocks and get to the quarterback. He will be a key player for the Baltimore Ravens.
   4th Round goes to John Simon, a Defensive End from Ohio State. John is very fast, and can easily get top side on a guard or tackle. John and Brandon will do well together on the field.
   5th round is Kyle Juszczyk from Harvard. Kyle is a Fullback that is taking place of Vonta Leach. Kyle has a lot to live up to, but I feel that he can run the ball hard on a fullback drive, and he can block on a Halfback toss.
   6th round is Rick Wagner, and Offensive Tackle from the University of Wisconsin. Rick has a huge potential in the Big leagues with the rest of the Ravens front line. I feel that he can block efficiently and can get the job done.
   7th round draft pick goes to Kapron Lewis-Moore, a Defensive End from Notre Dame. Kapron can do some amazing things on the field, like getting in between big Tackles and Guards. I thing this was a smart pick by the Baltimore Ravens.
   8th round draft pick is Ryan Jensen, an Offensive tackle from Colorado State-Pueblo. Ryan was a good choice for the Ravens. He is Big, and can stop ends and tackles from getting to the quarterback.
   9th round is Aaron Mellette, a Wide Receiver from Elon. The Ravens needed a Wide Receiver because Boldin left. This was a huge loss for them so hopefully Aaron can pull through.
 10th round draft pick is Marc Anthony, a Corner back from California. He is not the tallest man on the field, but he is very fast. Marc also is very strong.
Al, I hope you gained some good information from what I have just wrote

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